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About María Victoria Puerto Rico, 2018

During Hurricane María, as never experienced...the image of a strong standing figure persists to appear in my mind... as in some sort of prevention as were going to need a lot of Faith to survive this upcoming storm...


Early Collectors

From one of the works of the Florence Academy of Art, during the art exhibit at The Ney York Academy of Art, in 1996, a Pennsylvania art collector purchase this painting with another portrait painting from Director Daniel Graves.


Ocean Scenes 

Surrounded by the Ocean, immersed by the wonders of creation has always been a point of departure with endless possibilities...

"As life takes us to the unknown and our spirit searches incessantly... Art will point out the way to uncover my own path..."



Icons, Image and Content

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On Fire , JOB, 2012, oil on canvas.  Perceptions repeatedly vary, and many have wandered. Highly requested.

Stay In The Loop

Some of our guests from all over get to bring art back home. We share stories of the process and life events. Always rewarding to see their excitement!

Fiore DCC

Passionate for life. The power of Nature amazes us as it leads us to creation, to express its beauty in contemplation of our inner self and quests. Power of Love and art that gives us strength.
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